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First established in 1923 as a small goldsmith's workshop in Milan, the firm gradually grew over the years to assume its international leadership in the world of fine jewelry. Scavia has been delighting the world for almost a century, during which tradition, passion, and aesthetic research were cultivated and developed in the name of a profound culture of beauty. This, essentially, is Scavia's story.

Eighty years have been immersed in the lifestyle and Italian style of the Twentieth Century, inevitably touching the lives of the men and women who made the firm what it is. Lives spent in creating, day after day, the history of a mason characterized by superior craft skills and outstanding style.

Today, Scavia is a large family of Italian luxury, a group composed of two distinct brands. From the original brand, which has become an undisputed synonym for the finest jewelry, to Scavia Accessories, Scavia has an unmistakeable style. It is a very personal concept of elegance expressed through a collection of precious accessories.

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