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Staurino Fratelli

Maison Staurino Fratelli was founded in the Sixties to combine the elegance and luxury of the most valuable jewels with the creative strength of unique designs. A skilful combination that matches, in a perfect dance of light, the love of beauty and the charm of uniqueness. Over forty years have been spent in relentless development, because every jewel by Staurino challenges and recreates fashion. They give shape to unique, always innovative styles. From the yellow gold creations of the Seventies to the bold designs of the Eighties. Through to the nouvelle vague that marked the last twenty years: minimal and austere lines that shape and transform the matter into works of art, through exclusive, sophisticated combinations of colours and light

Recognized all over the world as a landmark in hand-made jewelry, Staurino's creations are made for the woman who is loved, for the woman who looks for uniqueness, for the woman who wants the best. Always.

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Staurino Fratelli

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