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Stefan Hafner

The foundation of Stefan Hafner Company has always been its creative team and new company, born from the partnership between Damas and Ilaria Furlotti, is proud to continue this tradition. Ilaria Furlotti feels that a company of such character and depth should be respected and nurtured in order to realize its full potential, not conquered or changed.

Fresh capital and company restructuring by the new owner will, on the other hand, add value to the brand policy with the fairly ambitious objective of double figure growth in the short term.

Damas, represented by Tawid Abdullah, was the first to interest in the operation. Besides which, Tawid Abduallah describes Stefan Hafner jewels as the "happiest in the world," so attractive and full of life that there would be no reason to change the creative strategy of the brand.

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Stefan Hafner

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