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Stephen Webster

Stephen Webster is the ultimate diamond geezer. From a modest start in the Thames estuary town of Gravesend, near London, he has attracted some of the entertainment world''s most alluring and glamorous clients, established a loyal, continually, evolving, global customer base, and, in honor of his enthusiasm, commitment, and creativity, has achieved several clean-sweeps in the jewelry trade''s glittering prizes.

While the jewels in Stephen Webster''s beautiful pieces may be exquisitely multifaceted, his vision has always been singularly focused. With magpie-like tendencies apparently adhered to his creative DNA, Webster''s love of things that shimmer and glisten found him attending a Jewelry and Silversmith course during college, aged only 16. During that very first term, Stephen found himself fired up with a passion for jewelry design and craftsmanship that remains at the top of his professional agenda to this day.

What makes Stephen Webster such an effortlessly contemporary, unconventional, yet persistently relevant star in the jewelry firmament is the way the designer cleverly blends a love of traditional craft values with his innate love of contemporary music, fashion, and modern, rap ''n'' roll street styles. It''s a unique and edgy approach that has been some 30 years in the making.

After completing his training under Tony Sheperd, a former Prime Warden of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, Stephen worked as a craftsman for several established London design houses. Amongst many highly regarded commissions was the honor - twice - of setting the De Beers Diamond Stakes Trophy.

In 1982, he moved to Canada to set up and run a small studio designing and producing for an independent jeweler. After returning briefly to the UK in 1984, Stephen could not resist the opportunity to move to sunny California where his bold style, employing unusual and exotic gems, continued to take shape with the help of an open-minded and enthusiastic audience. In 1988, Stephen returned to London to establish the company that is now known as Stephen Webster Ltd.

Thanks to Stephen Webster''s influence and passion, the men''s market has become a key area of growth. With his industrious talent, Stephen helped colored gemstones and fine jewelry back into the world of fashion. He has been a key player in the attitudes towards and about jewelry. "Things have changed," he says. "The fear factor, the reverence and the rather staid formality have all but disappeared. Magazines now have fashion shoots featuring cheap H&M jeans worn 5000 pound diamond rings. Having a diamond-studded accent to a watch or a piece of jewelry no longer marks a customer as a flashy, ostentatious type. It just makes a person look more... lively."

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Stephen Webster

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