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Van Elly

Since the day that Van Elly was founded, we have always been striving for one thing: To make people understand how beautiful they really are. To that end, Van Elly positions itself as a luxury brand that focuses our efforts on creating wonderful jewelry. Our vision is to make people realize that jewelry brings out an individual''s natural beauty, and our vision is also our guiding design philosophy. We realize that jewelry does not create beauty. It enhances the beauty that has been there all along.

Attention to detail, quality, and finish define what we call Van Elly Craftsmanship. From the concept design process to the precision laser engraving of our logo, we do not overlook any aspect or make any comprimises when it comes to our jewelry. Unless specified in the design, our jewelry is always solid, never hollowed out. You can feel the quality when you hold or wear one of our pieces. We take our craft seriously and our craftsmanship even more so.

All designs are inspirational. It does not matter where they originate or how. The art of design translates the natural beauty that has been given to us into a tangable form, thus amplifying this natural beauty. The Van Elly design philosophy dictates that we design pieces that draw out an individual''s natural beauty. Though our designs may evolve, our philosophy will always remain the same. Van Elly believes that jewelry does not create beauty, it enhances beauty, and everybody is beautiful.

Our sterling silver is 92.5% silver, which actually defines the term "Sterling Silver." With proper care and storage, our sterling silver jewelry will last you a lifetime. As with all sterling silver, over time, your jewelry will begin to develop a patina through contact with air or other materials. Some individuals choose not to remove this patina because they feel it gives the jewelry a lustrous look. However, if you wish to remove the patina you can do so with gentle cloths specifically made to clean sterling silver jewelry. Harsh dips or creams are not recommended for removing patina as they may damage your jewelry.

Silver is a phenomenal metal and the properties that silver possesses are ideal when we set out to create a stunning piece of jewelry. Silver is able to achieve the most brilliant polish of any metal. This is due to the fact that silver has the highest degree of optical reflectivity of all the metals reflecting 95% of all visible light.

Silver is also very soft and malleable. Due to this high malleability we are able to shape and mold the silver into an infinite number of forms letting us create bold, beautiful, and artistic pieces of jewelry.

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Van Elly

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